Screening Solutions for Large Openings

Because the world is beautiful….

There’s nothing more beautiful than the natural world and nowhere more special than the part of it that you call home. When you connect to the beauty outside, you live better, every day.

By bringing light, air and beautiful views in, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Feel the cooling breeze on a summer day. Watch snow fall from a cozy couch with a warm cup of coffee. Take the time to admire the sunset.

But sometimes inviting the outside in, can come with compromises. Harsh sunlight intrudes, privacy is elusive, cold air creeps in, and insects invade.

We want you to be able to achieve true inside-outside living, without the compromises. Take in the beauty that surrounds you while controlling elements of the outdoors and keep your home life in harmony.
Enjoy inside-outside living without compromise…

Bring the inside of your home into balance with the outside. Allow light in or create darkness. Reveal or conceal for privacy. Take advantage of airflow. Keep out insect intruders. And enjoy fresh air and flawless views through even your largest openings. All with the award-winning Centor Integrated Doors.

Unlike traditional patio doors with awkward screens and heavy drapes, Centor Integrated Doors feature a unique vanishing screen and shade that disappear into the doorframe. That gives you a clean aesthetic and keeps screens and shades protected from dust and dirt.

Plus, the vanishing shade lets you enjoy privacy, longer sleep, sunlight protection and home theatre enjoyment, thanks to its complete blackout. Or choose a light-filtering shade to let in sunlight and minimize glare on bright mornings and afternoons.
Doors that look and work the way you want…

Centor Integrated Doors bring together stunning design and fingertip performance with doors that are beautiful from the inside out.

They feature slim, symmetrical panels and hardware hidden from sight. We’ve removed all the visual distractions so nothing stands in the way of your view. Plus, integrated screens and shades are free of pleats, joins or folds for the simplest, clear opening.

On the inside, Centor’s patent-pending hardware makes doors a delight to use. Exclusive to Centor, the groundbreaking AutoLatch™ on our folding and double-swing doors let you close and latch even the tallest doors with a single hand movement.

Meanwhile, child-friendly screens and shades operate beautifully from any height. A fingertip is all it takes to slide the screen open and enjoy the breeze. And they stay open in any position, allowing easy transitions from inside to outside entertaining while carrying a tray of drinks or snacks.
Create a beautiful home all day, year round…

Whatever the season or weather, your home will provide you even more comfort with high-performance Centor Integrated Doors.

Your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, thanks to thermally improved aluminum construction, which gives you outstanding thermal efficiency. Not only does it reduce your energy consumption this construction also reduces condensation from forming inside.

Solid wood lining on the inside adds further thermal insulation while the integrated shade acts like another layer of glazing to help retain warm or cool air inside the home. And all of these features come with our renowned level of engineering, giving you integrated doors that are built to last using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to create a furniture-grade product.

Centor Integrated Doors are available in a wide range of options to create the perfect door for your home. Choose your door type, screen and shade material and the interior and exterior finishes.

Door Types
With our variety of door styles, you have the freedom to create the perfect opening for your home. Choose from folding, double width folding, double-swing or single doors with a sliding range.


The Centor Integrated Folding Door comes in a wide range of configurations, spanning an opening up to 18’ 11 ½” (5780mm) wide*. Clean design with hardware removed from the interior and panel frames equal on all sides give you a gallery-quality frame around your view. Natural wood inside and long-lasting aluminum outside mean years of exceptional performance.

Use a single hand motion to close and lock your door, thanks to its magnetic AutoLatch™. Enjoy years of high performance with adjustable hardware that keeps operating smoothly. And get outstanding thermal performance with Centor’s thermally-improved aluminum/wood clad frame and panel, and double or triple-glazed glass.

*Folding doors over 15’ 3 ⅜” (4657mm) available with the choice of either a screen or shade.

Double Width Folding

For larger openings between 16′ (4.7m) and 30’ 2 ¾” (9.3m) wide, select double width folding doors. Available with you choice of either screens or shades, double witdth folding doors have the same clean design as Centor Integrated Folding Doors.

The magnetic AutoLatch™ allows you to close and lock the door in one motion. Enjoy years of high performance with adjustable hardware that keeps operating smoothly. Integrated doors achieve outstanding thermal performance with thermally-improved aluminium/wood or complete thermally-improved aluminium frame and panel, with double or triple-glazing.


Available up to 6’ 10 ½” (2094mm) wide and 9’ 5 ½” (2884mm) tall, our double-swing integrated door features a clean look with equal sized panels and simple lines. Enjoy warm wood tones inside and durable, paintable aluminum outside, each designed for long-lasting use. Close and lock the door in one motion with our magnetic AutoLatch™. Adjust hardware as needed to ensure smooth operation for years. And use less heat with our high-performance sealing system and double or triple-glazed panes.

Spanning up to 4’ ¼” (1226mm) wide and 9’ 5 ½” (2884mm) tall, the single door is perfect for any doorway you prefer a beautiful connection to the outdoors.

You’ll find its hidden hardware and equally sized interior panel frames provide a sleek, picture frame look. Wood on the interior and durable aluminum on the exterior ensure years of warmth and beauty. Our exceptional sealing system and double or triple-glazed glass adds the ultimate touch for smart, sustainable thermal performance.

Coming soon to Centor is a range of integrated sliding doors featuring vanishing screens and shades built into the doorframe. Maximize your views to the beautiful world outside, while still controlling sunlight, performance integrated sliding doors promise to be yet another world first from Centor.

Screens & Shades
Select from a variety of materials to customize our vanishing built-in screens and shades to perfectly match your specific décor and needs.

For all door types up to 15’ 3 ⅜” (4657mm) wide, you can choose any combination of two fabrics, one housed in either doorjamb. Pair an insect screen with a stylish shade that opens from the opposite side, or a blackout shade with a light-filtering shade to provide total privacy and protection from harsh sunlight. Openings of this size also have the option of a single fabric, either a screen or shade in one jamb, which stretches the full width of the opening.

For Centor Integrated Doors spanning more than 15’ 3 ⅜” (4657mm), you may choose either a screen or a shade, in one fabric up to a maximum of 30’ 2 3/4” (9214mm) wide. Doors of this size have the screen or shade meeting along the opening.

Choose from two types of mesh and look forward to enjoying the evening breeze without the inconvenience of insect intruders.

Standard weave
Made from durable polyester/PVC mesh, Centor’s innovative screen keeps insects out while standing the test of time.

Tight weave
This mesh features a closer weave to protect from even the smallest insect intruders.

Our unique light-filtering and blackout shades are available in a choice of three stylish patterns, with up to 10 colors in each.

Filter natural light and protect your furniture from harsh sun with our light-filtering shades, featuring a 3-5% openness factor.

For complete privacy plus 100% light control, choose our range of beautiful blackout materials.

Door finishes
Centor Integrated Doors are available as an aluminum/wood clad design with wood on the insideand aluminum outside.

The warm beauty of wood inside adds style and luxury to your home. Choose from our range of beautiful wood species.

A beautiful, luxurious wood with yellow to red-brown tones, mahogany is the perfect finish for a premium look. Supplied with a hardwearing mahogany sill.

Vertically grained Douglas Fir offers a lighter color for modern interiors. Supplied with an oak sill for strength and durability.

A superior grade of alder with far fewer imperfections than knotty alder. This hardwearing wood species is perfect for staining or in a natural state. Supplied with an oak sill for strength and durability.

Primed wood has a factory applied primer undercoat for final sanding then priming and finishing any color you wish. This finish can be selected on any of Centor’s wood species.

The durability, weather resistance and ease of maintenance of aluminum is well known. That’s why we use it for the external frames and panels of all Centor Integrated Doors. Select one of our standard colors or specify your own. Centor can match any window or door manufacturer’s color in North America, making us an ideal choice for your renovation. Sills are also available in anodized finishes.

Standard Colors

  • Bone White
  • Arctic White
  • Burnt Sun
  • Beige
  • Slate Grey
  • Sage Brown
  • Colonial Red
  • Hartford Green
  • Quaker Bronze
  • Black