Sunsetter Motorized Awnings

One of our most popular models.


If you’re looking for a reliable and quick push-button shade solution for your home, then look no further than a SunSetter Awning. One of our most eagerly sought-out models, these awnings provide shade for your deck literally with the push of a button.

The motorized awnings are designed with lateral arm design, meaning the support arms retract and open in a horizontal plane under the canopy. Powered by one of the best motors on the market, SOMFY® motor, you can be sure of seamless and reliable performance with these awnings.

Includes sophisticated dual-cable systems which do not require vertical supports. Featuring the same, if not better, functional capabilities of electrical awnings, but not requiring you to shell out thousands more in dollars. The motorized awnings from SunSetter score in terms of affordability, functionality and aesthetics alike.

The Motorized Awning in XL is perfect for homeowners that are looking to appreciate features of the standard model only with an extended projection. The XL motorized awning can extend outward up to 11 feet 8”, maximizing sun protection and shade.

Features of Sunsetter Motorized Awnings:

  • Transform a plain patio/deck into an attractive outdoor room with a motorized awning
  • Appreciate ambient temperatures of up to 20 degrees cooler, controlling weather by the simple push of a button
  • Keep the in-home ambient temperature cool through effective sun protection
  • Shield your patio from up to 99 percent of harmful UVB and UVA rays
  • These awnings are strong and can resist wind speeds of up to 55-75 mph
  • Fast and smooth operation, allowing you to open/close awning within seconds
  • Can be fitted with dimming LED light fixtures, so you can make use of the awning even at night
  • Optional aluminum hood installations available

Available Accessories

Rain & Sun SensorRain & Sun Sensor
The Ondeis™ WireFree RTS Rain Sensor is a solar-powered combined rain and sun sensor compatible with Radio Technology Somfy® motorized exterior products, including awnings, rolling shutters and screens.

  • Completely wireless.
      • Uses optical rain-sensing technology to measure rainfall.
      • Sends an RTS command when rainfall exceeds the selected threshold.
      • Utilizes a sun-level sensor that sends an RTS command when sunlight exceeds the user-selected threshold.

Indoor Wire-Free Sun SensorIndoor Wire-Free Sun Sensor
Allows for automatic operation of motorized interior window coverings according to the amount of sunlight and the temperature of the room.

  • Discreet and convenient.
  • Battery powered and completely wireless.
  • Easily mounts on the inside of a window or on the window sill.
  • Automated light control.

Rain & Sun SensorAutomatic Wind Sensor
The Eolis 3D WireFree™ RTS Wind Sensor is a wireless, battery powered wind sensor that will automatically retract an awning based on wind generated movements.

  • Automatically protects your awning when wind is detected … even while you are away.
  • Battery powered with an indicator to alert you when they need to be replaced.
  • Worry-free operation designed to protect your awning in windy conditions.
  • Built-in alert to warn you when the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Reduce energy consumption up to 40%.

Rain & Sun SensorAutomatic Wind & Sun Sensor
The Soliris RTS Sun and Wind Sensor automatically controls your RTS motorized products based on current weather conditions.

  • Automatically protects your awning or exterior screen when wind is detected or the sun’s intensity increases.
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.
  • A state-of-the-art sensor is on-the-job to automatically offer maximum energy savings and ensure your comfort … every day.
  • Only one Soliris is needed per façade.

Rain & Sun SensorDimmable LED RTS Light Kit
The Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit is an accessory used to add exterior lighting to motorized awnings featuring Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS). Features the Somfy ‘‘MY’’ my position to set a preferred lighting level. Since it features RTS, it is compatible with all RTS motors, associated controls and accessories.

  • Completely plug and play, no electrician required.
  • 12 levels of brightness.
  • Up to 60W of 12V DC LED lighting (daisy chain 6 LED strips).
  • Compatible with full range of RTS hand-held remotes, wall switches and Somfy myLink™ app.
  • Ideal for new and existing installations.