Louvered Roof Pergola Systems
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Patio Cover Information – Residential & Commercial

Traditional Style Louvered Roof System with Fascia Gutter

Even though a standard rain gutter can be put on the rafter at the end of the sloping louvers that only overhang 1” to catch the water if desired, our Traditional Louvered Roof System comes with a Fascia Style Gutter to achieve the box look when needed. On an attached cover it is a 3 sided fascia gutter and on a free standing cover it is a 4 sided fascia gutter. Because water only runs in the direction of the louver a slope to one end will give better drainage. On the Traditional Louvered Roof System the louvers will over have the rafter 1” instead of 2’ like on the Pergola Style Louvered Roof making it necessary in some cases to order and extra rafter for support. 90 degree prefabricated corners come with the system.

Pergola Style Louvered Roof System

The pergola Style Louvered Roof System comes with up to 2’ louver overhang which can be cut in a curve or angle to match hardscape or other designs. Most people find that a trickle of rain water running off each louver is less invasive than the gush of water coming from a guttered patio cover but if a gutter is desired the louvers can overhang the rafter 1” and a seamless gutter can be attached to the bottom of the rafter, sloped, and down spouted at the end.

Louvered Roof Parts


This is our Louver. It is what provides the shade for a patio cover. It is also the adjustable portion of the patio cover.

This Louver is made from extruded aluminum and is extremely strong and durable.


This is a Rafter. A rafter is what holds a louver in place and is also what controls the movement of the louvers.

Within the rafter is a separate hollow channel that can be used for running cables and wiring, as well as areas for future customizing such as speakers or LED lighting.

Aluminum Beam

Designed specifically for use with our louvered roofs and aluminum post, these beams are easily cut for any type of customization.

Aluminum Post

Our aluminum post is configurable to almost any style. Choose from a fluted, flat or column design, complete with matching trim.

Vinyl Post

These vinyl can be used as an alternative to using our aluminum post. Available in 4 different styles all complete with trim, there is a post for every home design.

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