How to Maintain Residential Retractable Awnings

Residential retractable awnings are the contemporary counterparts of the conventional canvas awnings. These awnings can be said a perfect combination of style and utility. These shading devices in addition to serving their main purpose, i.e., providing shade, augment the beauty of the ambient where they are installed. To keep their beauty and function intact, awnings need to be maintained.

Retractable awnings are usually installed in the outdoors, where they are exposed to stains caused by various factors like dust, rain-water, dried leaves, vines, tree sap, birds/squirrels droppings and so. Under such conditions, if proper cleaning is not done, the look and beauty of an awning might get affected, and its function impaired. So, maintenance becomes imperative.

Given under are the Do’s and Don’ts for maintaining residential awnings like garden awnings and door awnings.


  • Gently broom away the leaves and debris accumulated over an awning at regular intervals.
  • For normal stains, water sprinkler could be used with a soft-bristled brush to remove the stains.
  • If the stains are persistent, soak them in lukewarm water mixed with a mild-detergent for a few minutes; after that, rub the stains gently with a scrubber and rinse them.
  • To avoid mold, mildew or stains, ensure that the awning is completely dry before closing it.
  • During long intervals like winters, retract the awning and use the optional hood to cover it.


  • Use pressure cleaners; awning’s fabric might get damaged.
  • Use chemical based cleaners; they may harm the fabric of the awning.
  • Use hot water for cleaning; the fabric of the awning may shrink due to hot water.
  • Use hard bristled brush for cleaning; the fabric of the awning might get damaged due to this.

If you take care of the above mentioned points (do’s and don’ts), your awning will remain in good condition and will serve you for a long time.

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  1. Kenneth Gladman
    Kenneth Gladman says:

    I like your advice on using a broom to reach tough areas on the awnings. We are thinking of having some installed this summer to add some shade to our patio. We will remember this tip for cleaning.

  2. Vanessa Blair
    Vanessa Blair says:

    My mom wants to have a shaded area on the porch where guests can relax, so my dad suggested having awnings. It was explained here that to maintain awnings, we should make sure that it’s completely dry before closing to avoid mold. Moreover, it’s recommended to go to trusted suppliers for awnings.


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