Outdoor Heaters

CARAVITA | The Versatile Outdoor Umbrella


Samara Outdoor Heaters New JerseyPrimus impresses with its classic pulley system. Simple and lightweight, this sunshade protects against sunlight as well as against surprising rain.


Buy Supremo Outdoor Shades

Build using an effortless sliding mechanism. Just push the button – the external handle lifts nearly by its self, all based on the principle of balance; no cranks or pulleys. Supremo opens smoother and faster than other umbrellas. Double supported struts provide for high wind stability.


Samara is an attention grabber with its expansive coverage up to 24m²/258ft². This elegant shade is opened with ease, with its easy to turn internal crank, allowing for effortless opening and closing.

With ease, the stainless steel crank handle of Samara turns. Even the largest shade can be opened and closed with minimum effort – no problem, even for children and elderly people.

Big Ben

Big Ben Outdoors HeatersLike a big event Big Ben casts ahead its shadow. With diameters of up to 6 meters it shows its strength and signals from afar: Here you’ll sit comfortable and secure.

Turn on and enjoy the evening. The lighting system is integrated and always available. There is no need to remove it when closing the shade.

Big Ben with Lighting and Heating.Keep warm on cool days with integrated heating. All wires are securely concealed inside the pole and struts and are connected to heaters with the use of plug at the end of each strut for heaters with arm attachment or at the lower hub for heaters with mast attachment. Heaters are detachable.

Picture with lights and heaters below.


Amalfi Pendulum Cantilever - Outdoors

The Amalfi pendulum cantilever has a powerful arm that lifts its shade high above any outdoor dining table or seating area. Floating freely and offering an unobtrusive view with its sleek design.

Amalfi makes room – for hours of leisure in its shade. The smooth-running winch, with detachable stainless steel crank, opens Amalfi in the twinkling of an eye. More time to enjoy nature.


The Best Belvedere outdoor collectionBelvedere has a unique and innovative mechanism. This sunshade opens and closes with a smooth running lever and a single movement of your arm.

With the mast off to the side the room below the sunshade can be used optimally.

Versatile in every sense with the option to rotate 360°, the Belvedere follows the sun and protectively provides shade throughout the day. When Belvedere is open, the mast is off to the side. The space below the shade can be optimally used.