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Fixed Awnings

Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings add beauty and elegance to your home and business while protecting it from the elements, cool it with shade, and protect furnishings and flooring from harmful UV sanrays.

Fixed Awnings for Your Home

A fixed awning is a roof-like cover over a window, doorway or other space, offering shade and shelter from the rain, wind, and snow. These permanent awnings are stationary, meaning it remains in one place once installed, and it becomes a part of your home. Generally sturdy in construction, the awning remains in place 24/7 regardless of the weather.

Fixed awnings require less maintenance than a retractable awning, tend to be less expensive  and are very sturdy.

JoDiMor professionals can assign you in designing your custom-made awning to suit your style, needs and budget.

Fixed Awnings for Businesses

Regardless of the type of business that you own or manage, the creation of identity to your customers and potential customers is so essential to the success of your company. Awnings on a storefront or building will create an advertising image to invite people in to explore the services and products that are being offered by your business. In addition, awnings will also provide protection to the entrances of commercial space ensuring your customer’s safety as they enter and exit the building.
Awnings highlight the style and architecture of almost any building, giving your business a distinct personality. Awning framing and fabric styles are so extensive, any look that you desire can be achieved. An array of colors, shapes, and sizes allows you to create the image you desire, whether it’s classical and traditional, or bright and flashy.
Please allow us to meet with you to discuss design ideas and possibilities! Call today to schedule an appointment that’s convenient to your schedule!
Tight deadline or budget? If you’re preparing for an upcoming store opening, sale or important event, or need to stay within a certain budget, we are prepared to work with you to meet your goals! We use the highest quality materials to craft your awning and our warranties are unmatched!


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