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Outdoor Heaters

Residential Outdoor Heaters

We provide and install infrared heaters. Why infrared? They are more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and heat more effectively than traditional gas or electric heaters. Infrared heaters work by transferring heat directly to a table, floor, or person – not the air – via a light produced by a quartz element. This also means that dust and allergens are not blown about.

Save money and energy while extending your time outdoors into the colder months.

Commercial Outdoor Heaters

Custom heating systems help outdoor spaces transition into comfortable sites for any commercial location. Heat is transferred directly to the table, person or floor from a heated quartz element rather than other elements that only heat the air. In this manner, infrared heat is distributed evenly even in windy or drafty conditions. Whether working directly with businesses and/or their designers, architects and engineers, we can develop the most effective custom heaters and control packages to seamlessly integrate with the existing style of the property.


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