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Awning Fabric Replacement

JoDiMor Inc. offers over 400 different fabric selections from Sunbrella, Sattler, and others. We can recover any existing awning with the fabric of your choice. Price varies by size, projection, and style. Call today to receive you free in-home consultation to have your awning fabric replaced.

Awning Maintenance

JoDiMor Inc. offers a cleaning and maintenance service. We will come to your location to clean the awning fabric, tighten and lubrication any working mechanisms, and wash down all framing.

The price of this service depends on the size of the awning. Call us for details.

Awning Repair

When it comes to having a repair issue with your awning, JoDiMor Inc. can help. We work with many different companies from who we can order parts. From the arm of the awning to the motor that works the awning, if you need it, we will find it or find a suitable solution.

Awning Installation

JoDiMor Inc. can install any style awning. Whether the awning is being installed on a wall/siding or the roof, you can count on us to do the installation the right way. The installation cost will depend upon the size of the awning and whether there are additional features added to the awning. Call for details.

Seasonal Awning Fabric Removal, Storage & Installation

For a stationary style awning or a patio/canopy, JoDiMor Inc. offers a removal, storage, and replacement service of the awning fabric with the seasons.

The winter months can be brutal on the fabric of a stationary awning. This is why we recommend taking the awning material down for the winter and then reinstalling it in the spring.

Pricing depends on location and size of the awning. For your convenience, we also offer cleaning services while the awning material is being stored for the winter.

Removal / Installation of Awning Products Purchased Elsewhere

We do installation on awning products purchased through other means, however, restrictions may apply. Installation costs vary by product, size, and the home location. Call for pricing information.

Moving? Need to remove the awning beforehand? JoDiMor Inc. can remove your awning or awnings and other products as well. Pricing varies by product, size, and location of the home.

Awning Motor Replacement

For motorized awnings, motor replacements can become necessary over time. The average life span of the typical motor is approximately 5-10 years. JoDiMor Inc. can inspect, order, and install motor replacements. Pricing depends on the size of the awning. Note: Installation would be an additional charge.

Awning Motorization

Looking to motorize your awnings? We sell have awnings with motorization capabilities.

Troubleshooting Your Awning

Not sure how to troubleshoot your awning product(s)? Call JoDiMor Inc. today for assistance with most issues. 908-832-0200

Awning Home Automation & Integration

We can integrate your motorized awnings with Somfy’s Motorization System, which can be controlled all with the touch of your smartphone or tablet whether you are home or not.

Let JoDiMor Inc. help you integrate your home with a Home Automation System.